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Judit Polgar greets to EXPOCHESS and our AHSI 4.0 system

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-01-18 

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Our play system AHSI 4.0 was a real challenge for us. We achieved to connect 12 countries from the 5 continents in a festival, all at the same time, with a fusion of online and on-site game accompanied by interviews between these countries.

This play system has been considered like an historical milestone at the chess world. It had a great success, we got to breaking taboos, barriers of any type (culturals, ideologicals, economicals..) that people thought they were insurmountables. In short, this system allowed us to see that we all are equals and we should fight for the differences we have in the world.

For be possible, we organized the festival EXPOCHESS CHILDREN OF THE WORLD (in which we used the AHSI 4.0 system) and received many supports; one of them was very special, because we received it some minutes before the beginning: the best female chess player of the history, Judit Polgar. She recorded a video greeting us and encouraging the children that participated to enjoy the festival and our AHSI 4.0 system.

Here the video:

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