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Linkbuilding, the great unknown of SEO - Part 1

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-02-17 

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First of all and to start with the first part of this post, we need to know what digital marketing and SEO are. At AHSI Consulting we will try to explain it in a brief and direct way:

What is Digital Marketing?
-We can say that it encompasses virtually every section to attracts visitors to your web and branding refers: from banner ads, email advertising, SEO ...
Of course, in the Digital Marketing we also need to convert the visits to customers and these translate into prescribers who trust in your brand.

What is SEO?
- "An internet marketing strategy whose goal is to increase the visibility of web pages in the natural results of search engines" (SPRI).

In the optimization of the positioning in search engines, it is very important to know about them. Here is a list of the 5 most used search engines:


Remember that there are different markets (China, Russia ...), Yandex is more used in Russia than Google, while in China, Baidu and Haosou are protagonists above the American giant.

To finish this first part about Linkbuilding and SEO in Digital Marketing, let's justify the reason of the message with a question, do we really influence the whole issue of positioning?

-Answer: After doing several studies with tools like Google Analytics, we saw that the main Webs have similar results: direct visits to the Web around 15%, campaigns 3%, links and external references 7%, Internet searches> 75%. It is quite clear the importance of positioning in our website.

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