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Linkbuilding, the great unknown of SEO - Part 2

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-03-03 

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At this second part of our post on Linkbuilding, the great unknown of SEO, we will explain key concepts in a direct way so that you can use them in your day-to-day of your Digital Marketing strategy.

In the first part of the post, we explained what SEO was, well, we must specify that, mainly, there are two types of SEO, the "on page" and the "off page":

-SEO on page
As its name suggests, it is the SEO done inside the page. Here you have to bear in mind different factors such as the landing page or keyword search, the URL of the page (not to exceed in the directories), Title and Description within the code, H1, H2 ..., the content (the king), all tags in general...

Of course, we can add many more factors, now we show you the most importants:
Speed of the WEB
3 clicks Rule (not confuse the user with many links)
Avoid broken links
Create your own content and update it periodically
Adapted to mobile devices

- SEO off page
This part of SEO, also has its relevance (often the greater if you have other ways with much flow as a social media with many followers). In short, SEO off page are the promotion actions of our website, articles on blogs, publications and mentions in social networks, Link Building (links network to your page), articles in different forums, magazines, newspapers...

Here's a list of the types of Linkbuilding:


At this point, maybe many of you think that working the Web well to have a good SEO on page and working a bit off the page with much movement in social networks and articles, leave the Linkbuilding aside. We will have to take more time because Linkbuilding brings a notoriety and visibility outside your website essential to position yourself better in the searchers. You also get referral traffic, that is, visits that coming from other domains. The linkbuilding definitely improves your positioning in search results .

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