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SEO and SEM: Benefits for your company

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-05-02 

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To this day, if you want your company to progress on the rise, it is imperative to position itself in the Google search engine as one of the first within its sector, but often it is a very complex process, besides being a complex process, the competition Will fight for the same.

To position yourself in Google or other search engines, there are two different types of positioning, which although many people think there is no difference, there is. In this post we will explain.

To see the benefits of each, let's differentiate one from the other:

-SEO positioning is optimizing and increasing the popularity of a website, not internet marketing strategy whose aim is to increase the visibility of web pages in the natural results of search engines.

-In contrast, the SEM positioning is the promotion of a website, using payment systems, with the aim of gaining immediate visibility of the web, as they come in the top positions of the search engines, together with tabs that puts « Advertising "or" Advertisement ".

As you can see, the main difference between SEO positioning and SEM positioning is the amount of money you have to invest. If you use an SEO strategy, you should not assume any cost per visit, instead the SEM strategy, with each visit to the website you will have to pay.

But there are other differences, apart from this, such as the content and number of keywords that can be used, because in SEO positioning, the number of keywords is limited and in the content is highly valued the quality, Extension and relevance, instead, in SEM positioning, the number of keywords is unlimited and the content has to have a commercial focus.

To achieve the desired SEO result in your company, AHSI Consulting provides a first class service. Get in contact with us!

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