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It's important for your business to have a good website?

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-06-01 

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To this day it is more than proven that having a website of your business is positively related to its success and the increase of sales, so that its relevance is maximum. The importance of having a good website for your business, increases as you have more size, both being a multinational and a small business, need a place in the network to increase their productivity and thus increase, in a simple and massive, The number of customers your business comes in.

While it is true that with social networks you can reach a large number of people, the website gives prestige to your business, increasing the level of trust and therefore sales.

Having an optimized web page, will help you to gain profits, improve your prestige, and achieve greater relevance in the sector.

Here is a list of benefits:

-The prestige: As we have said to have a website is a sign of prestige and security to the client; Of course, will have greater prestige as the web is better. The prestige of a company does not depend exclusively on the quality of the product or even on sales or customer service, nowadays having an optimized page is one of the best tools to take the last step of convincing face to the client.

- Positioning in Google (SEO): When a person wants to look for a product, more than 90% (West) will go directly to the Google search engine, so if your web page is not well positioned and optimized for searches, Commercial power of your brand on the Web will be severely affected, which is why the SEO of your website is so important.

-Supermarket: Many customers are going to get carried away according to what their eyes see, so if your web page is better than those of your competition, they will decant for your product.

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