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Article about the last festival organized by us: EXPOCHESS

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-02-03 

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On 10 December, together with the EXPOCHESS association, we organized the EXPOCHESS CHILDREN OF THE WORLD festival under the motto "Social Chess for a better world" in which children from 12 countries from 5 continents participated and in which we used our AHSI 4.0 GAME SYSTEM system.

The objective of the festival was that the children of each country saw how they play, under what conditions, how the inequality lived with regard to women in the game (difference in opportunities) like we studied and debated at the EXPOCHESS festival congress 2016. The cultural differences as well as the possibilities that exist... so that we are all aware of the great differences that we suffer in the world and we will be in solidarity with each other.

Also, the festival tournament was a fusion of interviews and chess games in which we used our system AHSI 4.0 GAME SYSTEM with which we managed to connect the world, breaking down barriers and allowing children to play in all parts of the world with minimal technical needs, so that they are aware of the inequality that is experienced in the world, in an active and real way.

The world headquarters of the festival was the Gran Hotel Lakua of Vitoria-Gasteiz. In addition to Spain, the participating countries were: the USA, Uganda, Mexico, Hungary, Chile, Peru, Nepal, Congo, Australia, Colombia and France.

At the same time, a Children's Solidary Drawing Contest was organized in which the children expressed that even though thousands of miles away, even though there are many economic and cultural differences... we are all equal and we all deserve to live Well, without the inequality of opportunities that many suffer today.

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