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Positive SEO; keep the penguin happy 2/2

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-03-23 

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At this second part of the post to keep the Google penguin happy, let's talk about the free tool (GSC) that gives us the giant of the search engines, in addition to a very useful file to monitor the SEO and a plan of action to keep healthy our SEO strategy.

Let's start with the Google Search Console: it is a free tool that Google offers us, very useful to supervise and monitor all your SEO strategy of your website in order to increase results in Google searches.

The most detacable thing within this tool is the section "Traffic search", where we can see a complete list of links incomings and outgoings (Linkbuilding) of your website. It should be noted that the GSC gets an approximate percentage between 75% and 85% of traffic, we would need other tools to get the total.

It should be mentioned that, as in all Google services (although not required),if you register in the section GSC, it will benefit your WEB positioning.

What happens if I have entries and exits from a bad domain or with a low Page Rank?
-To combat this harmful matter for our SEO, we have the file disavow.txt. If we see either a domain or just a page from we don't want to have traffic on our website, we must add this into the file as follows: domain [enter the domain]. Then, we save the file and upload it to the Google Search Console in its section for disavow.

To finish this post, we offer you the action plan to keep the penguin happy:
1-Monthly, check recent links.
2-Identify suspicious links.
3-Check them, correct them, delete them or add them to the file disavow.

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