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Negative SEO: Do not angering the penguin

  -Author: AHSI Consulting  -Fecha: 2017-04-10 

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Previously we analyzed a series of steps to follow to achieve a beneficial SEO for our web and get the most visits without alert our well-known Google controller.

Today, on the other hand, we will review some of the guidelines or bad practices post-penguin that we should avoid to don't "make angry the penguin". This controls a series of tricks that users have so far used to increase their visits in an unethical way. Over the years they have been restricting these methods in order to get a fair and clean linkbuilding.

Here are some of the penalized techniques:

- Link to the home of our domain using anchor text that deals with specific topics that do not appear in our main page. Also, avoid links from directories that do not bring any added value or not thematically related.

- Use links included in link farms.

- Links from link brokers that produce back linking or from poor quality websites/authority without relation to our content.

- Hide links in the internal code of the web.

- Although we recommend encouraging linkbuilding with thematically related webs, we should not only create links from a single source.

In short, if we respect the mechanics recommended in the posts about SEO positive and avoid this series of bad practices, we will achieve an ideal linkbuilding for our domain.

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